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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thanks for a Great September!

Yes, I know there's still a day left in the month, but I wanted to take the time now to thank everyone who has helped make September a record month for pageviews... over 1,200 and still counting! We also welcomed several new countries as far flung as China, Mauritius, and Albania.

As we enter October, I look forward to many new chances for photos and for my own brand of chitchat and  commentary. Most of all, I look forward to new friends visiting my blog from new corners of the world. I also hope to have my website, , up and running!

Until then, thanks again to all my blog friends, far and near, known and unknown, who have visited this month. I appreciate you one and all!

Lovely Walk, Part 3

Finally, we come to the final part of yesterday's walk, starting where I left off in the previous post: Evergreen Brickworks. Then, we walked up the side of the ravine, into Rosedale, and then back home.

These photos will hopefully show you why I love this time of year, and how I found a new love in the city yesterday, the Evergreen Brickworks!

Hope you enjoy...

We'll have to take another walk together some time soon, I think? Shall we?

Lovely Walk, Part 2

Here is a continuation of Friday's walk through the Don Valley, up toward Evergreen Brickworks!

Hope you enjoy nearly as much as WE did!!