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Monday, December 17, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

One of the great things about being on sick leave over the holiday period has been the time to ENJOY the season! Last year, I worked over 70 hours during the week leading up to Christmas. Christmas became something to survive, rather than something to enjoy. This year, by contrast, I'm  doing a lot of holiday baking, shopping when I want (without the pressures of no time to do it!), and enjoying the season more than I have in years!

As, I've walked around the city, I've stopped to look at the lights and decorations, taken the time to stop and smell the spices, the chocolate, the baking... well, you get the idea!

Here are just a few pics, some from out in the city, and others from our tree, at home. Enjoy!!

Looking forward to the week to come!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Pre-Christmas Trip to the Distillery District

Last weekend, Daniel & I took a little jaunt down to the Distillery District...YES, there again!

Of course, I took a few pics along the way, and more on the way back. For a change, I managed to restrain my enthusiasm, and took only a few pics while there. I will admit, however that it wasn't merely my moderation, but also the HUGE crowds of people there for a wonderfully era-appropriate Christmas Festival, complete with carnival rides, a giant Christmas tree in the main square, surrounded by carolers, and a myriad of booths selling everything from hot cider, to wooden handcrafted holiday decorations.

A wonderful atmosphere to browse through, but a difficult one in which to take photos, and exhausting for me, in my still-recovering state.

That said, here are the photos of our little trek.

Hope you all enjoyed!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Long Time, No Update

It's been a while... too long actually! Sorry everyone, but I've been on sick leave from work. That should leave me lots of time for working on the blog, but my energies have been largely spent in some much-needed r&r time for my well-being. But, that said, I have indeed been taking some pics, and more will follow shortly.

Here are some that I've taken the past few weeks, as the last of autumn fades to the beginning of winter. Some of them seem to have a recurring theme, one most prominent in my pics from this time of year, as well as in the pre-spring season. That theme is "Life out of Death". This time of year, we watch as Mother Nature seems to die off, but within that "death" we see the seeds of new life to come.

Come, take a look at what I mean...