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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

End of Month, & Welcome Bangladesh!

Well, not surprisingly, this month ended with a few less pageviews (about 900 this month), but several new countries were represented in the stats. Our most recent addition is Bangladesh.... welcome to you!

Since I began this blog in late July, I have had the following pageviews for Nature of Glen Photography:

US           1232
Canada     1095
Russia        231
Germany     26
UK             20
Netherlands 10
Denmark      7
Poland         6
Australia      5
China, France: 4 each
Mexico, Romania: 3 each
India, Italy, Pakistan, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay: 2 each
Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam: 1 each.

Thanks everyone!

I look forward to our next month together. See you all again soon!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Farewell, Sandy! Won't Miss You!

Well, the storm formerly known as Sandy has come and gone, and while there WAS some damage,  and regrettably, one fatality in the city, I think Toronto got off relatively unscathed. My thoughts go out to those who truly got walloped by the storm along the US Atlantic coast.

To those who suffered damage to property, and worse, my sincerest condolences. I knew some the affected areas well. I only hope that those who have been part of my life in decades past, suffered no tragedy.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Random Pics of a Grey Day

I had to go out today to renew a prescription. I picked one of the lulls in the morning rain, and decised to bring my camera. Not much nature between home and the pharmacy, but some interesting architectural details along the way, including a quick trip into the Loblaws in the former Maple Leaf Gardens.

A little later this afternoon, as the winds began to howl, I grabbed a couple more soggy shots from our balcony.

We'll see if I get out during the arrival of the "superstorm" to take a few more...

...and here are a few more from tonight, about an hour before the worst of the storm is to begin here, in Toronto.

To Better Days!

On a cold, damp, increasingly windy day here in Toronto, and as we await the main event of the Big Storm tonight, let's think of better days! Days of warmth and sunshine, days of intense leafy greens and brilliant sky blues, flowers in a riot of colour... for surely, in a few months, these things will all return!

So, for those of you pining for warmth and sunny summer days, come, take a look at the pics that remind me of those days...

There! Don't you feel better now?

Waiting for Sandy... and Hello to Egypt!

Yesterday was a hectic day, with a full day at work, and then a work-related dinner at the Distillery District restaurant, Tappo. So, there were no new pics. I'm off today and tomorrow, but with the nasty remnants of Hurricane Sandy rapidly approaching, I may not be able to get out for photos much.

That said, thanks to all who visited my photo blog in the past day or so! It was one of the most geographically diverse days I've ever seen. Welcome to first pageviews from Egypt, and returns from Russia, Germany, Uruguay, India & Mexico!

Don't forget that you can leave me a message on here, whether about the photos, or not! I'd be glad to hear from all of you!!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bienvenido Uruguay!

Welcome to our most recent nation of page viewers... Uruguay! That makes 28 nations, on every continent! (and about 2 650 total pageviews)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Random Autumn Pics

Today's photos have neither a theme nor a location, other than all being taken near to home. Despite the AMAZING weather today, I had only a little time to take photos.

Nonetheless, I found some inspiring subjects. Without further verbal distraction, here is the main show...

See you all again soon!