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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Late Fall in the City

I've been feeling a little under the weather lately, with little energy for my usual long walks in the city. But today was unusually warm, at 17C (63F), and since we were both off today, we took a leisurely stroll down through the Eaton Centre, and on to Harbourfront.

Harbourfront has always been one of Daniel's special places in the city, a place for leisurely walks, for arts, for concerts, as well as a spot to contemplate life. Harbourfront is full life in the warmer months, but even now when it is nearly deserted most days, there is something therapeutic about a walk along Lake Ontario, where the Big City meets the water.

Of course, I got distracted by bits of tenacious bits of nature determinedly hanging on so late in the season, and by interesting juxtapositions of architecture and light along the way. Come along with us, on today's little jaunt...

Come and visit in person some time!

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Pregnant Pause...

Sorry for the silence of the last two or three days. I've been working a couple of 12 hour days in a row... and I have a little something going on right now which I cannot explain for a day or so, until something is finalized. Hence, the pregnant pause!

I have a doctor's appointment this morning, after which I MAY get out for a round of new photos if Mother Nature cooperates! Just wanted you all to know that much, so you can anticipate some new photos, and perhaps some news, shortly!

See you all again soon! Love and peace to all.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

3000 Pageviews!

Thanks, everyone!

Just a few minutes ago, my photo blog passed the milestone of 3,000 pageviews. Thanks to my friends in the US, Canada, Russia, Germany, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Australia, France, Romania, China, Mexico, Ukraine, India, Italy, Pakistan, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay, Vietnam, Albania, Austria, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Egypt, Mauritius, Sri Lanka & Thailand.

I look forward to your continued visits! See you all again soon!

Official Version of My Logo

I've shown the provisional log in the recent past, but just realized I had nevershown you all the exact, finalized version. So... here it is!

Hoping that we'll soon be off the ground with a fully functional website, including the ability to order photos, etc., online! We'll be sure to let you know, as soon as we're up and running!

Real-Time Colour, Part 3

And finally, part three of yesterday's little walk...

Hope you enjoyed colourful little walk!