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Tuesday, February 26, 2013


One of my absolutely FAVE flowers have to be the members of the orchid family. Brilliantly elegant, long-lasting, and full of amazing variety, orchids are part of a large genus of plants which can be found in many parts of the world.

Here are but a few photos of these glorious children of the family of Mother Nature!

A Preview of Colour

One of the things I absolutely cannot stand about late winter is grey, Grey, GREY! I'm tired of low light, dirty snow, and the general lack of brilliance and colour.

My favourite respite from this, as all my regular readers know, is Allan Gardens, specifically the lovely old Victorian-era greenhouses. During the worst of winter's onslaught, it is my sanctuary of light, of colour, of fragrance.

Some of you, many of you, may feel the same need of light and colour during our long cold winter season. Come with me for a shot of brilliance to inoculate ourselves, at least for a while, from the deadly, drab greys!

Hope you enjoyed today's colour therapy!

Welcome to Cyprus!

Welcome to the island nation of Cyprus, the latest country from which I have had a pageview. That means viewers from 36 countries have visited my blog.

Welcome, Cyprus, and to all of my regular viewers as well.

Some new pics to follow shortly!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Life is a Rainbow!

On this day, as same-sex marriage passes in the French parliament, and as it looks to go forward in England, Illinois, Rhode Island, Delaware, New Zealand  & Uruguay, I want to celebrate with a rainbow! Nature is a kaleidescopic rainbow of variety... in colour, design, in habitat, and in its sexuality.

Thank God that Nature is not black and white! And the more we realize just how diverse she is, in all ways, the more we will appreciate her, and each other. Just as I don't wish to dine on the same food every day, neither do I expect the rest of the world to look, act, or live in the same was as I. Nature has multiple facets, including in gender and behavior amongst her diverse species.

Let's celebrate diversity!