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Thursday, May 30, 2013

France! And Illinois?

Yesterday, France celebrated its first same-sex marriage. The wedding, held in Montpelier, was broadcast on national television. Congratulations, et felicitations!

Meanwhile, closer to home, in the state of Illinois, we hear the the state House is set to vote (finally) on its own legislation for same-sex marriage, either later today or first thing Friday. And none too soon...the Illinois House recesses for the summer tomorrow evening. The vote there will be close, but  local reports are optimistic that the legislation will pass there as well. Good luck, Illinois!

Last of May: Part 2

Well, the end wasn't the end after all!

As it turns out, there were far too many photos for a single posting for the end of May flowers post of yesterday. And rather than two posts on the same afternoon, I decided to wait until now to post the final photos. So, without further delay, the LAST of the last of May's flowers...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Last of the Flowers of May

As the beautiful month of May winds down, i think we need to look at one more set of photos. As I keep repeating, May is one of my favourite months... and the following pics are some of the reasons why it is!