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Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Pre-Christmas Trip to the Distillery District

Last weekend, Daniel & I took a little jaunt down to the Distillery District...YES, there again!

Of course, I took a few pics along the way, and more on the way back. For a change, I managed to restrain my enthusiasm, and took only a few pics while there. I will admit, however that it wasn't merely my moderation, but also the HUGE crowds of people there for a wonderfully era-appropriate Christmas Festival, complete with carnival rides, a giant Christmas tree in the main square, surrounded by carolers, and a myriad of booths selling everything from hot cider, to wooden handcrafted holiday decorations.

A wonderful atmosphere to browse through, but a difficult one in which to take photos, and exhausting for me, in my still-recovering state.

That said, here are the photos of our little trek.

Hope you all enjoyed!