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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Rainbow of Life

Most of what you have seen here in my blog has been Nature-related, whether by way of my photos, or in terms of my commentary. But, as my blog header says, I am also a gay man, interested in LGBTI rights. THIS blog is a marriage of the two themes.

I use the term, "marriage", deliberately. As you may know, the topic of same-sex (or equal) marriage has been a hot one recently in the US, as the date for two LGBTI rights cases before the Supreme Court approach their hearing dates next week. I am, of course, in favour of complete equality for ALL. The same-sex marriage fight is just one of many important battles.

And it has not been only a hot topic in the US, either. Eleven countries, including Canada, currently have equal marriage. But this year, it is also before the legislatures of a record number of nations: Uruguay, New Zealand, Colombia, France, Luxembourg, and the UK currently have legislation at various states of approval, and several other nations are expected to join that list before year-end. As well, the issue is coming up, on a state by state basis, in Mexico, Brazil and the US.

Here is my photo homage to the rainbow of diversity in humanity... a rainbow of nature... with photos reflective of the colours of the Pride Flag. Enjoy... and think!

We are all part of the the beauty and diversity of Mother Nature.