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Monday, July 22, 2013

After the Storm

As any of you in the eastern half of North America know too well, most of us have been experiencing an intense heatwave. Here, in Toronto, it was most certainly the case. Last Thursday, the humidex reached an unbearable 46C, or 115F for my American friends!

Until Friday night, blessed day, when an intense weather front (that included heavy downpours, damaging winds, hail and tornado warnings) pummelled the area. It left large swathes of the area without power, but (blessed be) it also brought glorious relief from the heat and humidity.

With the sudden change of weather came an incredible range of unusual sky conditions: cloud formations I had never seen before, sunset colours in the EASTERN sky, and sunsets with rainbows.

Some, but not all, of it I managed to capture with photos. None of the pictures has been colour enhanced, although the colour intensity is CRAZY in some of the photos. Here, let me show you...