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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Getting Real

I did need the reality check. Thought I was already to start a business. Had a chance to apply for a business start-up grant. THAT required an official Business Plan. Thought that couldn't be so hard....

Well, it IS. I realize that I didn't/don't have all the data required to complete the financial section in any sort of meaningful way. Can't do so by the deadline (tomorrow). Am I kinda discouraged? YES. Is that the end of this little (ad)venture? NO.

What I have gotten from this, is a lot better sense of what I have, and what I need to have in order to begin, and run a small business. I have a LOT more clarity of purpose. I believe, more strongly than ever, that I can (and really WANT to) make this thing happen. It's just a lot more work than I first imagined.

The reality check was a good thing. That alone was a valuable tool. I know what I need to yet learn and do to give this business-to-be a chance to succeed.

And succeed it will!

I love taking pictures. I see things with a unique perspective. I have something to say. I have a PASSION!

Nature of Glen Photography will grow, and thrive!