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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Not Just Weeds

I sometimes look at things a little differently. Well, actually, I think I see things much as I always have, since I was a small boy, growing up in rural southwestern Ontario. But THAT is what's different. Somehow it seems, most adults lose that simple curiousity of childhood, and stop paying attention to the little things around them. Maybe it's simply the process of getting wrapped up in the day to day tedium of adult life. Job, family responsibilities... whatever the cause, many of us cease stopping in wonder when the light hits the leaves just so, or pause to see the small creatures that turn our lawns into their own personal jungles.

For whatever reason, I seem to have NOT forgotten how to wonder, to pause, to WATCH life, and nature, as it swirls about me, even here in the middle of the big city. I used to think that made me strange. Now, I'm glad of it. I can still look at ordinary things, and the details that make the mundane marvelous. I don't see weeds, I see new wonders to look at in a new light!