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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just a Walk in The City

Some days are more purposeful than others. Yesterday was less so. It was a much needed day for mental, and physical R & R. So, I went for a walk through Ryerson University and down to the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood. Of course the camera came along too!

I DID have one specific thing in mind for the walk, and THAT was to check out the art display at Rainbow Cinema. I have been invited, at the last minute, if I wanted to show my works there for the month of September. So, I went to see what space I would have, and to check out requirements, costs, and so on. The space looks great, BUT I now realize that I would need to get a dozen or more photos printed in fairly large format, framed, ready for hanging AND pay $400 for the monthly showing. All together, I would probably need to cough up nearly $1,000 to do this show. So, regrettably, I'm going to have to wait to show my work at Rainbow Cinema!

In any case, it WAS a good walk!