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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mid-October in the City

Today has been a more-or-less typical mid-October day here in Toronto. Coolish, but not cold, and by turns cloudy, rainy, and sunny... all within a few hours. We're definitely well into fall now. Some trees are semi-naked, some in full autumn splendour, and other tenaciously hanging on to their chlorophyllic green.

It was a good day for coffee, or apple cider, with friends. It was a great day for making rich vegetable-filled soup, and for anything involving pumpkin or apples. It was an AMAZING day for taking a few photos in the city, before an afternoon nap!

So, before I stir the soup, and flop onto the bed for a few moments, here are my photo vignettes of  my day in the city!

There you go! As I enjoy a few moments of blissful snoring, I hope you enjoy these and other photo postings, here on my blog!