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Monday, October 22, 2012

October Odyssey

What an incredible day! 21C (70F), on the 22nd of October, in Toronto! And what a blessing it was to have today as a day off from work. It simply FORCED me to take a long walk! In fact, I took two walks, one by myself (to find something for Daniel's birthday), and a second walk with my true love!

Of course, many photos ensued!

The first walk was through Moss Park, down to the Distillery District, for a delicious flour-free dark chocolate walnut cake, and some me time. The second was through Queen's Park, and the campus of University of Toronto.

Naturally, I took far too many pics for one posting! So, here we go, with phase one of two (or three posts) of today's photos.

See you soon, in phase two of the walk!