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Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunday Walk in the City!

Yesterday was occasionally damp, but extraordinarily warm for Toronto in mid-October. At 21C, it was a lovely day to go for a wander in the city! We started off with a brunch in the Church-Wellesley neighbourhood, then meandered down to the St. Lawrence Market area, then eastward to the Distillery District.

It was surprising to see so much of nature still active at this time of year. I was also fascinated to take a closer look at some of the details of older architecture in these neighbourhoods, some of the older intact parts of the city. I specified INTACT areas of the city because much of the oldest parts  of Toronto were destroyed by major fires in the 1800's.

I took waay too many pics (quelle surprise!), so we will have to divide this walk into at least two post, so let's begin our walk, going from Church-Wellesley to St. Lawrence...

Hope you enjoyed the virtual walk! If you're ever in the city, we'll have to do it for real some time!