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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Balcony Garden

So glad I planted and tidied my balcony garden on Sunday, when it was calm and sunny! Yesterday was wild, wet and windy, not exactly great balcony gardening weather. At least the tender new plants, and the newly transplanted, didn't get fried by intense sunshine... and there is DEFINITELY no need for re-watering today!

The garden is meant to be a practical one. With me not working at the moment, extravagance was out of the question. A practical, working herb and tomato garden seemed a better idea. Yet, even so, I couldn't help but find little ways to "pretty it up". And Mother Nature, even at her simplest, is full of her own beauty and charm. The colour and texture of purple sage leaves, the mauve exuberance of chive blossoms, and the wonderful scents of mint and basil after a warm rain are all beautiful! Perhaps far more than any of humanity's attempts, the simplicity of nature is the most beautiful, the most elegant of all!