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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Yin... And Yang

This will not be a photo posting. It is a personal one. More personal than most of what you will find on this blog, or anywhere else for that matter. I am friendly, outgoing and generally kind. But only a few people know me well.

Perhaps that is normal. Perhaps I am more private than most. But tonight, especially tonight, I feel I must bare part of my soul. You see, my life has been through a lot in my time thus far. I have lost everything I own, I have nearly lost my life. Yet, in recent history, I have been slowly a but surely rebuilding a new life. I have a wonderful, kind and witty man who loves me. I am going back to college, to study Community Work, with an interest in LGBTI human rights issues around the world. My health has stabilized.

And, suddenly, I face loss again. My mother, the one family member who has not at one time or another failed me, the pillar of the family, the strong-willed, fiercely loyal and courageous woman, is suddenly fragile, and broken. Failing health and, suddenly a confused and broken mind. Perhaps near death, perhaps not.

Joy, it seems, cannot live without sorrow, just as life cannot exist without death. Yin needs yang for the circle of existence to be complete.

I am sad, worried, but not broken. I am resolved, more than ever, to make my mark in the world how and where I can... NOW. Life is tenacious yet fragile. Life must be lived, shared, nourished while it is ours to live.